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Oromo Irrechaa celebration at lake Horaa Harsadi Bishoftu
Oromo Irrechaa celebration at lake Horaa Harsadi, Bishoftu in Central Oromia close to Finfinnee (Addis Ababa)
Addis ...
Irrecha is celebrated in East Shewa Zone and around the world where diaspora Oromos live especially North America and Europe.
Irreechaa – Oromo religious holiday welcomed a new Abba Geda
UNESCO Should Recognize Oromian (Ethiopia) Irreecha as Intangible Cultural Heritage
Women mourn during the funeral of Tesfu Tadese Biru, who died during the stampede in
Oromo culture from ancient to present, Irrechaa time
The Irreecha massacre: Hundreds feared dead in Bishoftu
Irreecha Oromoo
Haadhoolii faa'aawwan aadaa Oromoo himamee hin dhumneen bareedanii ayyaanicha irratti aragaman
Irreechaa 2014
In the traditional religion of the Oromos, the spirit is the power through which Waqaa (The Almighty God) governs all over the world.
Shamarran Oromoo godinaalee garaagaraa irraa dhufun ayyaanicha irratti argaman
Shamarree Oromoo aadaa fi dhudhaa abbootii isaaniitiin boonan akkasiin ijjoollee abbaa gadaa ta'usaanii mul
... the upcoming Irrecha festival in order to avoid the violence that killed several dozen people last year. The statement from the restive Oromia region ...
Abbootii gadaa tulamaa kan duraafi kan ammaa
Almost all celebrants from both genders carry in their hands newly cut green straw that bespeaks of fertility and soaks it in the lake water. The Oromo's ...
This historical Irreechaa celebration was captured 112 years ago- 1903 at Lake Hora, Bishoftu town. Irreechaa is one of the indigenous Oromo culture by ...
Irreecha (Afaan Oromo: also called Irreessa, is Thanksgiving holiday of the Oromo People in Ethiopia. The Oromo People celebrate Irreecha to thank Waaqa ...
Irreecha Birraa 2017, Naqamtee City, Malkaa Adii Yaa'a, Oromia, 29
Irrecha Colorfully Celebrated
Kabaja Ayyaana Irreechaa Amsterdam 2018
... Oromo National Cultural event that has been celebrated throughout Oromia. At State level Irreechaa is celebrated in Bishoftu Town in Oromia at Lake Hora ...
A week after Irreecha 2017 at Malkaa Booyyee in Jimmaa, Oromians in the city of Naqamtee and East Wallaggaa (Western Oromia) and …
Irreecha - The colors, the identity and the pride of Oromo nation - Addis Standard
After celebrating this locally, the Oromos from every corner of Oromia and other Ethiopians come together to the sacred grounds of Hora Arsadi (Lake Arsadi) ...
Bishoftu Massacre: Ana Gomez, MEP, Statement at European Union regarding the mass killings conducted by fascist Ethiopia's regime (TPLF) at Irreecha Oromo ...
(30 September 2018) Irreechaa, one of ...
The Oromian Irreechaa Festival will not only serve as a medium for bringing all Oromias together, from all its diasporas, as one voice, but will also focus ...
Protesters run from teargas during the Irreecha festival of thanksgiving in Bishoftu.
Beyene Senbeto_Gobena Holla Erreso
IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving3. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving20. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving8
Such ritual ceremony is performed not only along the bank of a river but also around lakes and its vicinity. This Malkaa Irreecha Holiday is sometimes known ...
AS – Let's move to the significance of Oromo festivities such as Irreecha to the national agenda. Do you think it is relevant?
Irreechaa Arfaasaa 2015 (17)
According to him, the Oromo community living in Australia has come and celebrated the occasion in the presence of various ambassadors and government ...
The Oromo People consider the winter rainy season of June to September as the time of difficulty. The heavy rain brings with it lots of things like swelling ...
Dargaggoo n tulamaa akkanaan gaachanaa qabachuufi catee kaawwachuun gootummaa Oromoo agarsiisuu ayyanneefachaa jiru
Irreechaan Ayyaana Walooma Oromummaa Ta'uun Kabajame!
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The Melbournians Oromo gather together at riverbanks and thank the Creator for past rains and ask for sustained weather and crops, for children to grow, ...
Hirmaattota Irreecha Hora Arsadee kan bara 2018 keessa
IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving6. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving7. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving10. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving12
Abbootii gadaa fi daarektara OMN obbo Jawaar Mohaammad
Oromia festival disrupted as Ethiopian police fire teargas to disperse protesters | Africanews
Oromia: Irreechaa, a Festival That Promotes Unity and Peace, is undertaking in Bishoftu
Irreecha Birraa (Malkaa) in Naqamtee (Nekemte) at Malkaa Adii Yaa'a
Qeerroon London keessatti alaabaa Oromoon Olompiika miidhagsan!
Oromia Oromoshave theirownunique culture,history,language,andcivilization,theyare culturallyrelatedto Afars,Somalis .
Dargaggoota kabaja ayyaana irreechaa bara kanaa irratti argaman keessaa muraasni akkanaan bareedanii jiru
IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving7. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving10. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving12. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving13
Hirmaattota Irreecha Keeniyaa magaala Naayiroobii, Sitii Paark keessatti kabajame,. Onk 07, 2018
Leadership reshuffle: could it be enough?
Irreechaa Birraa – Oromo Thanksgiving Day in Melbourne
Irreecha Massacre: Bishoftu Massacre: Fascist Ethiopia's regime (TPLF) has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Oromia (Ethiopia) on the ...
Fayyis Oromia: All Africans And the Others Are Invited To Bilisummaa-Fest in Oromia
IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving14. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving17. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving16
Irreecha festivals bring people closer to each other
Hundreds of people fell into this deep ditch as bullets tear gas fell on millions from
29, the Australian Oromo Community in Melbourne gathered at the Footscray Park and river to celebrate Irreecha. Their heart raced as if to catch the moving ...
Unlike the previous year where hundreds lost lives when security forced opened fire on festival goers, this year's celebration was largely peaceful.
Oromo nation and Gadaa system
Unlike the previous year where hundreds lost lives when security forced opened fire on festival goers, this year's celebration was largely peaceful.
Oromia (Africa): Oromo Person of The Year 2016: The Qubee Generation. #OromoProtests #OromoRevolution | OromianEconomist
Oromo woman celebrating Irreecha (Irreessa) Thanksgiving at Burayyuu, Central Oromia, near the
Qophii Ayyaana Irreecha – Minneapolis – Fulbaana/Sept. 27, 2014
A man attends a prayer session at Biftu Bole Lutheran Church during a prayer and candle
Lake Hora, one of five crater lakes in Bishoftu.
Queen Warqitu, Oromo Walloo Title [Ce]lebre ruffiana scioana | Traversi, Leopoldo [Ce]lebre ruffiana scioana | Traversi, Leopoldo
Ethiopia's ODP building alliances with opposition in Oromia
The amazing Irreechaa celebration in Bishoftu City Ayyaanni Irreechaa bara 2007, Bishooftuu
Namuu ...
O IrreechaOromoWaaq2014 · Irreecha (Irreessa) Oromo 2014 at Hora Harsadii, Oromia Celebration ...
Irreechaa Celebration
IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving19. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving18. IrreechaBirraa2015OromoThanksgiving9