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Mistakes Made Weird little comic just floating
The Marvel Age of Comics has its beginnings with Timely Publications whose Publisher, Martin Goodman, brought out the first Timely comic magazine, ...
Marvel Comics Dracula vs Doctor Strange
One topsy-turvy story by Landau, published pre-Code, then Comics Code approved a few years later. Just click on the thumbnail:
This premiere issue of Marvel Feature was published during the last month of 1971, with an eye-catching cover by Neal Adams that practically guaranteed a ...
Comics: Listen to Marvel's Howard the Duck #1
The Unexpected #112 (DC Comics, 1969). Script by George Kashdan; art by Jack Sparling; letters and colors uncredited.]
Captain America #8, 1941
8. Pogo
In ...
tumblr_mq97utQkCb1qh2uoro7_1280 (2)
The core premise of Suicide Squad is all about ideas that have become disposable for some reason, and that idea alone is one of the things that makes it one ...
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... into trouble not just because she breaks the rules, but because the perfection she reaches for using the mushrooms is unattainable. The more mistakes in ...
Quantum Computing - Album on Imgur Physics Jokes, Math Memes, Science Comics, Science
big mistake
"Boy Crazy" from Young Romance #2 (November 1947) ©Pure Imagination
Foul Creature
And then the young people roll in and fuck everything right up. Actually, Kieron Gillen is only about five years Garth Ennis' junior, but as an influential ...
But why is it OK in this case and not another? I'd argue that it's one of several peculiar tactics that, working in concert, ...
Photo of Floating World Comics - Portland, OR, United States. Just a small
Kirby image: the Sandman is being bombarded by a barrage of the Human Torch's flame. Sandman is knocked backwards.
I'm going to show the individual panels again later in the column next to the published artwork, but I'd like to do a little group participation experiment ...
evolution 4
From "The Wizard of Time" in Challengers of the Unknown #4 (Oct.-Nov. 1958) written and penciled by Jack Kirby, inked by Roz Kirby & Wally Wood ©1958 DC ...
Comic Horror Art
When I tried something new for dinner.
Kirby image: a close-up image of Johnny Storm screaming while being bombarded by hundreds of pieces of debris flying through the air.
I'm making a super cool fantasy comic filled with psychic warrior monks, wild kung fu magic battles, monsters, and a bit of romance!
Photo of Floating World Comics - Portland, OR, United States ...
Right from the start, we're in some pretty iffy territory. I mean, I don't want to tell Mid '70s Denny O'Neil how to do his job or anything (that's a lie, ...
And meantime the old crowd are still there, notably disreputable best chum Felix, with his adopted young son. And Felix is still a dreamer, floating through ...
From ...
Photo of Floating World Comics - Portland, OR, United States. How he does
This clever sequence employs a catalog of interesting and funny lettering ideas and balloon tactics: eeletter
Just a little continuation of Day 10 that was floating in my mind for a while
... Photo of Floating World Comics - Portland, OR, United States.
If you look back on that stuff you'll see Spidey floating around in Manhattan, well that's me.
As I mentioned above, the book doesn't just have a ton of wild comics in it, it also has supplemental production art from the various stages of working on ...
My Little Brony
... Weird Love Issue #13 #13 - English 20 ...
I tried experimenting with the schedule last year to try and balance the workload, from 'comic + doodle per week' to 'comic this week, doodle next week'.
The story concluded in Jumbo Comics #4 (Fiction House, 1938), but the GCD attributes the pages there to Lou Fine. Here they are:
Snakes on a plane. Posted in Short Comics ...
Soft Float By Valentine Gallardo (Space Face Books)
... Boy Commandos Issue #13 #13 - English 46 ...
A Rare Sentence
Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center
Average Girl Comic
Now ...
The Secret Voice Volume One
God! An old fashioned space-faring yarn with a gorgeous woman looming over a rogue adventurer and his manly facial hair while he ponders his latest tight ...
photo DSoHvictimsB_zpsan653xfx.jpg
Can Comedy Twitter survive James Gunn, Dan Harmon and a war on jokes? - Polygon
photo DSoHmurderB_zps5el7dea3.jpg
Photo of Floating World Comics - Portland, OR, United States
The 25 Weirdest Gadgets of All Time
My favorite is this one about a sentient cactus that hurls an ax into the back of his owner.
Mistakes That Worked: 40 Familiar Inventions & How They Came to Be: Charlotte Foltz Jones, John O'Brien: 9780385320436: Amazon.com: Books
... with the eccentricities of superhero continuity (or maybe engage in some hardcore nitpicking), we hope you'll enjoy this tribute to the most super girl ...
The tyrannical warlord known as The Smog Emperor has made his way through the previously impassable mountain range known as the Great Mountain Shelf.
Note the people in the second picture: this cave is even bigger than the one in the comic.
Special mention to Ultimate Professor X who became paraplegic thanks to ...
Hellboy (character)
Casanova makes you write articles about it where every paragraph starts with the word "Casanova."
StarWars.com: I wanted to go back to the start for Aphra because you've talked about how she started as like the dark, mirror version of Indiana Jones.
Everyone told me to draw a comic making fun of the new Lobo design floating around · ‹‹
Also typing in Korean is really easy to pick up too (I recommend you practise this early so you can use Naver and Daum to look things up).
Let's You and Him Fight
Remember back in 1986 when Ultra Magnus had this white Optimus Prime inside him? That was weird! And then the cartoon and comic ignored it, ...
Simon Hanselmann is the Prophet of Burnt-Out Millennial Scum in Megg
As I mentioned above, the book doesn't just have a ton of wild comics in it, it also has supplemental production art from the various stages of working on ...