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Above the gravel 4 inches of XPS insulation was installed
Above the gravel, 4 inches of XPS insulation was installed, followed by a 6-mil polyethylene vapor barrier, rebar, and wire mesh. The foundation will be an ...
Right or wrong? An architect has provided this detail for a concrete slab. Is the detail flawed? Image Credit: Torsten Budesheim
A builder in Idaho wonders how to waterproof a foundation wall that will be insulated on the exterior with 2 inches of rigid foam insulation, ...
Building your house on foam can raise a few eyebrows. The footing forms for the multifamily Orchards at Orenco project in Oregon were placed over 4 inches ...
All photos courtesy Insulfoam
Thermal bridge alert. With the foundation wall at room temperature, the footing acts as a thermal bridge that allows heat to flow from the concrete block ...
Rigid foam insulation, a polyethylene vapor barrier, and a thin concrete slab are installed
Contractors are increasingly called upon to install rigid foam insulation under concrete slabs and on building
BSI-059: Slab Happy
Rigid foam insulation is installed directly over the aggregate capillary break to serve as a vapor
Basement slab. This image show both approaches to creating a successful capillary break using aggregate
Bevel the foam. If the top of the vertical rigid foam installed ...
EPS insulation absorbs significantly less moisture than does XPS insulation according to studies of real-
Rigid Insulation with Supplemented Insulated Frame Wall Assembly
Rigid foam insulation is installed over a drainage pad of aggregate to serve as a capillary
Rigid insulation and water control layers are installed on the exterior of a flat foundation wall
... of wall detail at the few locations where full-height brick occurs. This is a structural brick veneer so a separate footing is required for support of ...
Figure 6-8 Insulating the header area from the exterior
View of the crushed gravel base layer (containing radon piping), prior to installation of the slab insulation.
The building edge is laid out on the compacted and level gravel base installed over the subgrade, foam is placed, and work begins on the formwork for the ...
After installing several layers of rigid foam above the roof sheathing, these workers installed plywood above the rigid foam. The plywood was fastened ...
Rigid Insulation Over Aggregate
Combining Exterior Rigid Foam With Fluffy Insulation
Courtesy ...
Below-grade insulation enhances thermal performance in buildings and helps protect concrete from freeze-thaw damage.
The first layers of EPS foam slab insulation are placed over the gravel base and the deadman footings. Note the layout markings on the gravel, denoting the ...
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The three most common types of rigid foam are expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is white; extruded polystyrene (XPS), which is usually pink or blue; ...
Rigid foam insulation can be installed on top of the roof deck. Most low-slope commercial roofs are insulated above the sheathing, not below the sheathing.
Choosing Between EPS nd XPS Rigid Insulation
[1A] In the attic, air seal vent stacks and other penetrations coming through
The gravel is embedded into the top coat of asphalt (known as a flood coat), which helps the gravel stay in place. (Source: American Society of Home ...
Polyethylene keeps moisture out. A layer of plastic will keep moisture from migrating into this crawl space and transforms the previously damp area into ...
... it can be hard to install flooring. The usual solution is to bevel the top of the foam so that concrete will then cover the bevel.
A layer of foam insulation helps protect the water proofing on foundation walls during backfill.
Closed-cell spray foam is installed over the dirt and gravel floor of a sealed
What if you don't want to depend on roof venting?
Insulating exposed rafters.
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figure 6-24 Sloped rigid insulation buried in the soil provides frost protection to the
[4] When replacing a basement slab, add 4 inches of stone, then
Closed cell spray foam is professionally installed between studs to a thickness of two inches.
Closed cell spray foam with thin, fanfold XPS sheets method:
Vapor barrier installation begins. The StegoWrap vapor barrier is installed on top of the foam insulation to avoid any potential of creating a “pond” of ...
Rigid foam insulation can be used on either or both the exterior and interior of below-grade foundation walls.
Photograph 2: Perimeter Slab Edge Insulation and Perimeter Slab Insulation—Two inches of rigid insulation is about the maximum practical thickness possible.
Installing Rigid Foam Above a Concrete Slab · '
The gravel is embedded into the top coat of asphalt (known as a flood coat), which helps the gravel stay in place. (Source: American Society of Home ...
In the photo at right, the 3-inch-thick rigid foam has been installed on the gravel base and the plumbing lines and service pipes have been set.
Figure 6-3 Components of exterior insulation
figure 6-5 Draining-type insulations must be installed vertically all the way down
Spray foam insulation extends down the foundation wall to the slab, which has been retrofitted. Figure 4.
Insulating R-Value of Soil or Dirt
Basement Insulation Details
Figure_10: Rigid insulation/frame wall
The foam sits firmly on the gravel base. Due to the excellent work by the excavation subcontractor, controlled density fill was not required.
Typical below-grade installation.
How To Foam Insulation Board
Gravel v. Sand
Figure 2: Monolithic Slab—The exterior insulation needs to be protected during construction and it has to be protected during its useful service life.
GreenGuard Insulation Board & Insulative Sheathing Installation Guide for WRBs
Figure 1: Insulated Stem Wall—With good soil conditions construct the foundation assembly out of three pieces – a footing, a stem wall and the “flat plate” ...
Note the use of compacted gravel to establish a firm and level base for the foam insulation that is placed under the footings. The design documents called ...
Photograph of our contractor's radiant heat folly, a really bad radiant heat slab installation that
This year, I'm thankful for closed-cell foam insulation. Yeah, that's right.
In this situation compare the cost of installing the drainage system to the cost of replacing the finished floor if it gets wet.
Figure 6-17 Top view of a framed wall with batt insulation and spray foam
Figure_12: Interior spray foam
Looking down the 5-inch-wide cavity at the center of the double stud wall. This cavity, and a total of 7 inches ...
Spray foam extends down the inside of the foundation wall to the uninsulated slab
Water intrusion. This image shows how water can wick through and up a foundation by
Insulating Crawl Space - Moisture Problems
R Value For Exterior Wall Insulation High Wall Assemblies Construction Contractor Talk House Wall Insulation Thickness Outside Wall Insulation Code
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A smarter insulating strategy. Installed against crawl space walls, rigid foam insulation won'
What about termites?
Installing a Concrete Slab the Right Way
Nick applies adhesive to the foam which is then adhered to the footing.
Figure 8: Conditioned Crawlspace—Easiest to construct but complicates life with respect to “access” due to the finished floor being located above the podium ...
Compacting the gravel base for the foundation slab. On top of this base goes the radon mitigation system, the slab foam insulation layer, the vapor barrier, ...
Figure 7: Top Side Interior— Note the liquid gypsum floor leveling system that provides fabulous fire protection and acoustical properties (a.k.a. “ ...
Figure 3: Post-Tensioned Monolithic Slab—Elegant and ugly. Elegant because it works. Ugly because you can't let it get too wet during construction which is ...
Figure 6-14 Double layer batt insulation in a framed wall
Single-ply roofing materials aren't self-adhered, nor are they sealed together in any way. Since nothing secures the waterproofing membrane to the roofing ...
Figure 6-11 Overlapping foundation insulation at places where insulation cannot be put on the
Foam insulation is cut and trimmed to fit around pipes and other slab penetrations.
Living off the Grid: Paving Our Driveway with Gravel (3/4" Minus Rock) - YouTube
Foam and Pouring Slab.m4v
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How to Install Rigid Foam On Top of Roof Sheathing - GreenBuildingAdvisor
Photo_04: Rigid insulation/frame wall under construction